Wednesday Poster Session: Environmental Protection

Wednesday, June 8, 2011: 5:30 PM-8:00 PM
Ontario Exhibit Hall (Detroit Marriott Hotel at the Renaissance Center )
George W. Graham and William S. Epling
Efficient Photocatalytic Degradation of Phenol and Chlorinated Phenols by Ce/MgAl Layered Double Hydroxides
Julia Prince, Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana-Azcapotzalco; Jaime S. Valente, Instituto Mexicano del Petroleo; Marisela M. Maubert, Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana-Azcapotzalco; Francisco Tzompantzi, Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana- Iztapalapa
Photocatalytic degradation of 2,4- Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid under visible light using TiO2 doped with Nitrogen prepared by sonochemical method
Arquímedes Cruz-Lopez Sr., Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León; Karina Del Angel Jr., Centro de Investigación en Materiales Avanzados
Kinetic evaluation of Pt, Pd and Pd-Pt catalysts supported on alumina-titania for 4,6-dimethyldibenzothiophene hydrodesulfurization: influence of the precursors
Sara Núñez, Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana Unidad Iztapalapa; Nancy Martín, Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana Unidad Iztapalapa; Jose Escobar, INSTITUTO MEXICANO DEL PETROLEO; Jose Antonio De los Reyes, Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana Iztapalapa
Synthesis of nickel phosphide nanoparticles in a eutectic mixture for the hydrotreating reactions
Yu Zhao, Nanjing University; Yu Zhao, Nanjing University; Jianyi Shen, Nanjing University
Sidhartha Mohanty, University of Saskatchewan; Chandra Mouli Kotikalapudi, University of Saskatchewan; Ajay K. Dalai, University of Saskatchewan; John Adjaye, Syncrude Research Centre; Yongfeng Hu, Canadian Light Source
Adsorption of aromatic compounds on MoS2 and WS2 clusters
Diego Valencia, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México; Tatiana E. Klimova, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México; Roberto Olivares-Amaya, Harvard University; Isidoro García-Cruz, Instituto Mexicano del Petróleo
Photocatalytic degradation of organic dyes by mesoporous nanocrystalline anatase
Maria L. Carreon, University of Louisville; Hector G. Carreon, UMSNH; Jaime Espino-Valencia, UMSNH; Moises A. Carreon, University of Louisville
A New Methodology to Characterize Oxygen Carries for Chemical Cycles Processes
Fabiano A. Silva, Centro de Tecnologias do Gás e Energias Renováveis – CTGAS-ER; Fabiola C. Carvalho, Centro de Tecnologias do Gás e Energias Renováveis – CTGAS-ER; Jose C. Nascimento, Centro de Tecnologias do Gás e Energias Renováveis – CTGAS-ER; Alysson S. Silva, Petrobras / Tecnologia de FCC; Gustavo T. Moure, Petrobras Research Center - CENPES; Juan Adánez, Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas - CSIC; Leopoldo O. Alcazar R., Centro de Tecnologias do Gás e Energias Renováveis – CTGAS-ER; Juan A. C. Ruiz, Centro de Tecnologias do Gás e Energias Renováveis – CTGAS-ER
Study of Cu-Mordenite and Zn-Cu-Mordenite applying in-situ optical fiber UV-Vis spectroscopy
Viridiana Evangelista, Centro de Investigacion Científica y de Educación Superior de Ensenada; Vitalii Petranovskii, Centro de Nanociencias y Nanotecnologia; Andrey Simakov, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Centro de Nanociencias y Nanotecnología
Reforming Syngas From Biomass Gasification: The Effect of Tar and Alkali Components From the Biomass
Espen S. Wangen, Norwegian University of Science and Technology; Amin Osatiashtiani, Norwegian University of Science and Technology; Edd A. Blekkan, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Combined steam reforming and gas sensing performance of Rh-integrated perovskite catalysts
Guillermo C. Mondragón Rodríguez Sr., Institute of Materials Research/DLR
Synthesis of Dendrimer-Derived Supported Ir-Au Bimetallic Catalysts
You-Jung Song, University of South Carolina; Yaritza M. Lopez, Johnson Matthey; Christopher T. Williams, University of South Carolina
Aerobic Oxidation Reactions with Highly Selective Gold Nanoparticle Catalysts
Jerrik Mielby, Technical University of Denmark; Søren Kegnæs, Technical University of Denmark; Anders Riisager, Technical University of Denmark
Performance of Different Lanthanum-Based Perovskites (LaMO3, M=Fe, Mn, Co) as Catalysts for the Catalytic Wet Air Oxidation of Maleic Acid
Marco Bernardi, Politecnico di Torino; Nunzio Russo, Politecnico di Torino; Debora Fino, Politecnico di Torino
Preparation and Physicochemical Properties of Silver Modified Activated Carbons Made from Waste Materials
Joanna Goscianska, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan; Piotr Nowicki, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan; Robert Pietrzak, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan; Izabela Nowak, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan
Laboratory Study of Mercury Oxidation across SCR Catalyst
Karin Madsen, Technical University of Denmark / Topsoe A/S; Anker Degn Jensen, Technical University of Denmark; Joakim Reimer Thøgersen, Topsoe A/S
Catalytic Combustion of Lean Methane over Palladium
G. Huang, University of Alberta; L. Wu, University of Alberta; R. Litto, University of Alberta; S. E. Wanke, University of Alberta; R. E. Hayes, University of Alberta
Regeneration of S-poisoned Pd catalysts: effect of the support
Paola Castellazzi, Politecnico di Milano; Gianpiero Groppi, Politecnico di Milano; Pio Forzatti, Politecnico di Milano
Continuous Reduction of N2O by H2 over Supported Pt Nanoparticles
Dai Hwan Kim, Daegu University; Moon Hyeon Kim, Daegu University
Tin-Doped NSR Catalysts for Simultaneous NOx and Soot Removal
Izabela S. Pieta, University of Malaga Campus of Teatinos; Monica G. Diéguez, University of Malaga Campus of Teatinos; Maria C. Hererra, University of Malaga Campus of Teatinos; Maria A. Larrubia, University of Malaga Campus of Teatinos; Luis J. Alemany, University of Malaga Campus of Teatinos; William S. Epling, University of Waterloo
Soot and Carbon Monoxide Combustion on Lanthanum-Based Perovskite Materials
Lucia M. Petkovic, Idaho National Laboratory; Sergey N. Rashkeev, Idaho National Laboratory; Vivek Utgikar, University of Idaho
Effect of Lean Operation on the HC Activity of Three-Way Catalysts
Joseph Theis, Ford Motor Company; Robert W. McCabe, Ford Motor Company, MD 3179
Automotive Three Way Catalysts: From Mechanistic Understanding to improved Lambda Control
Martin Votsmeier, Umicore AG & Co. KG; Roman Möller, ETH Zurich, 8092 Zurich; J. Gieshoff, Umicore AG & Co. KG; Alexander F. Scheuer, Technical University of Darmstadt; C. Onder, ETH Zurich, 8092 Zurich; L. Guzzella, ETH Zurich, 8092 Zurich
Lean NOx reduction over Ag/Al2O3 – an on-board system approach
Hannes Kannisto, Competence Centre for Catalysis, Chalmers University of Technology; Xanthias Karatzas, KTH - Royal Institute of Technology; Jonas Edvardsson, Volvo Technology Corporation; Lars J. Pettersson, KTH-Royal Institute of Technology; Hanna H. Ingelsten Sr., Competence Centre for Catalysis, Chalmers University of Technology
Mechanistic aspects on H2 assisted NH3-SCR over Ag/Al2O3
Stefanie Tamm, Chalmers University of Technology; Magnus Skoglundh, Chalmers University of Technology; Louise Olsson, Chalmers Tekniska Högskola
Thermal Durability of NH3-SCR Catalysts for Diesel NOx Reduction
Steven J. Schmieg, General Motors Research and Development Center; Se H. Oh, General Motors Research and Development Center; Chang H. Kim, General Motors Research and Development Center; Charles H.F. Peden, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Do Heui Kim, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
The Effect of NH3 Storage on NOx Conversion on an Iron Based Zeolite SCR Catalyst
Michael Smith, University of Michigan; Christopher Depcik, University of Kansas; John Hoard, University of Michigan; Stanislav Bohac, University of Michigan; Dionissios Assanis, University of Michigan
NOx interaction with model BaO/Pt(111) NSR catalysts: Effect of BaO film thickness
Evgeny I. Vovk, Boreskov Institute of Catalysis; Emre Emmez, Bilkent University; Emrah Ozensoy, Bilkent University