Poster Session: Catalyst Design & Synthesis II

Tuesday, June 4, 2013: 5:30 PM-8:00 PM
Ballroom C (Galt House Hotel)
Experimental and First Principles Study of CO Oxidation on Supported Single Pt Atoms
Melanie M, DeBusk, Mina Yoon, Lawrence F. Allard, David Mullins, G. Malcolm Stocks, Xiaofan Yang, Zili Wu, Gabriel M. Veith and Chaitanya K. Narula, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA.
Aminothermal Synthesis of CHA-SAPO Molecular Sieves and their Catalytic Performance in Methanol to Olefins (MTO) Reaction
Dong Fan1,2, Peng Tian1, Xiong Su1,2, Lin Zhang1, Linying Wang1, Dehua Wang1,2, Yangyang Yuan1,2, Chan Wang1,2 and Zhongmin Liu1, (1)Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, China, (2)University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China.
Nanoparticulate Catalysts Based on Nanostructured Polymers
E.M. Sulman1, L.M. Bronstein2 and V.G. Matveeva1, (1)Tver State Technical University, Russia, (2)King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia.
First-Principles TPD Simulation of Nitrogen Desorption on Ni/Pt(111) Bimetallic Catalyst
Wei Guo1, Michail Stamatakis2 and Dionisios G. Vlachos1, (1)University of Delaware, USA, (2)University College London, United Kingdom.
Diffusion Controlled Shape Selectivity in Nanoporous Carbon Spheres-based Catalysts
Maryam Peer, Ali Qajar, Ramakrishnan Rajagopalan and Henry C. Foley, Pennsylvania State University, USA.
Synthesis, Properties and Reactivity of TiO2 Nano-architectures for Hydrogen Production via Water Splitting
Roberto Matarrese1, Isabella Nova1, Carlo Casari1, Andrea li Bassi1, Anna da Pozzo2 and Simona Palmas2, (1)Politecnico di Milano, Italy, (2)Universita` di Cagliari, Italy.
Devolpment and Testing of Novel Structured Catalysts
Chandni Rallan, The University of Manchester, United Kingdom.
Methods for Developing Sinter-resistant Supported Catalysts using Atomic Layer Deposition
Natalie A. Ray1, Christian P. Canlas1, Justin M. Notestein1, Richard P. Van Duyne1 and Peter C. Stair1,2, (1)Northwestern University, USA, (2)Argonne National Laboratory, USA.
Development of Supported Ni and Co Catalysts for Tar Reforming Applications
Jessica Ewbank and Carsten Sievers, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA.
Multicomponent Catalysts for Oxidation of Propane to Acrylic Acid Developed by Combinatorial Approach
András Tompos1, József L. Margitfalvi2, Lajos Végvári2 and Gerhard Mestl3, (1)Institute of Materials and Environmental Chemistry, Research Center for Natural Sciences, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungary, (2)Combitech-Nanotech Kft., Hungary, (3)Clariant Produkte GmbH, Germany.
Synthesis, Characterization, and Catalysis of Apoferritin Encapsulated Core-shell Bimetallic Nanoparticles
Tao Li1, Soma Chattopadhyay2, Tomohiro Shibata2, Russell E. Cook1, Jeffrey T. Miller1, Nisaraporn Suthiwangcharoen3, Sungsik Lee1, Randall E. Winans1 and Byeongdu Lee1, (1)Argonne National Laboratory, USA, (2)Illinois Institute of Technology, USA, (3)University of South Carolina, USA.
Selective Adsorption of Manganese onto Rhodium for Optimized Mn/Rh/SiO2 Alcohol Synthesis Catalysts
Jingjing Liu1, Robert Klie1, Christopher L. Marshall2, John R. Regalbuto3, Jeffrey T. Miller2 and Randall J. Meyer1, (1)University of Illinois at Chicago, USA, (2)Argonne National Laboratory, USA, (3)University of South Carolina, USA.
Methanol Synthesis using Cu-ZnO Supported on Mesoporous Carbon
Huamei Duan1,2,3, Yunxia Yang3, Ranjeet Singh2, Ken Chiang3, Penny Xiao2, Jim Patel3, David Danaci2, Nick Burke3, Paul Webley2 and Yuchun Zhai1, (1)Northeastern University, China, (2)The University of Melbourne, Australia, (3)CSIRO, Australia.
One Pot Synthesis of Supported Pt Catalysts
Rebecca Olsen, Calvin H. Bartholomew and Brian F. Woodfield, Brigham Young University, USA.
Synthesis and Application of Micro-mesoporous Composite with Different SiO2/Al2O3 Ratios in Diesel Hydrodesulfurization
Huadong Wu, Xiaofeng Zhou, Aijun Duan, Zhen Zhao, Guiyuan Jiang, Jian Liu and Yuechang Wei, China University of Petroleum, China.
Broaden the Composition Range of Molecular Sieves with Chabazite Structure Type
Guang Cao, Matu Shah and Chris Kliewer, ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Co., USA.
Effect of Activation Atmosphere in a High Activity Ruthenium Catalyst for HDS
Lorena Alvarez-Contreras1, Carlos Ornelas1, Rurik Farias2 and Alfredo Aguilar-Elguezabal1, (1)Centro de Investigación en Materiales Avanzados S.C., Mexico, (2)Autonomous University of Juarez, UACJ, Mexico.
Novel Catalysts of Ordered Macroporous CeO2-supported Pt Nanoparticles with High Catalytic Activity for Soot Oxidation
Yuechang Wei, Zhen Zhao, Jian Liu, Guiyuan Jiang and Aijun Duan, China University of Petroleum, China.
Synthesis of Hierarchically Porous L-SBA-15 Materials and Catalytic Performance for FCC Gasoline Hydro-upgrading
Tianshu Li, Aijun Duan, Zhen Zhao, Guiyuan Jiang, Jian Liu, Yuechang Wei and Baijun Liu, China University of Petroleum, China.
Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Al and Ga Building Block Catalysts
Joshua G. Abbott and Craig E. Barnes, University of Tennessee, USA.
Mesoporous Metallic Oxides in the Catalytic Wet Air Oxidation (CWAO) of Nitrogen-Containing Organic Pollutants in Water
France Schmit1,2, Claude Descorme1 and Michčle Besson1, (1)IRCELYON-CNRS/University of Lyon, France, (2)LMI-CNRS/University of Lyon, France.
Selective Catalytic Reduction of NO with C2, C4 Alcohols on AgAlBEA and AgSiBEA Zeolite Catalysts
Stanislaw Dzwigaj1, Nataliia Popovych2, Pavlo Kyriienko2, Sergiy Soloviev2 and Svitlana Orlyk2, (1)Laboratoire de Réactivité de Surface, UMR 7197 CNRS, UPMC, France, (2)L.V.Pisarzhevsky Institute of Physical Chemistry of the NAS of Ukraine, Ukraine.
Synthesis and Characterization of Y Zeolite-supported Rhodium Carbonyl Hydride Complexes
Artem D. Vityuk, Oleg S. Alexeev and Michael D. Amiridis, University of South Carolina, USA.
Stability and Activity Study of Naphtha Thermal Catalytic Cracking over Fe-P/HZSM-5 Catalysts to Produce Light Olefins
Seyedeh Mahboobeh Teimouri Sendesi1, Kamyar Keyvanloo2 and Jafar Towfighi1, (1)Tarbiat Modares University, Iran, (2)Brigham Young University, USA.
A Highly Selective Pd/Al2O3 Catalyst Prepared Using γ-Irradiation, for the Partial Hydrogenation of MAPD in Propylene
Haibo Yu1,2, Susannah L. Scott2, Zuwang Mao1 and Wei Dai1, (1)SINOPEC Beijing Research Institute of Chemical Industry, China, (2)University of California Santa Barbara, USA.
Densely Packed Monolayer of Rh-diisocynide on Gold Surface as Platforms for Highly Active and Selective Catalysis
Kenji Hara1, Sachin Jagtap1, Yoshinori Kaji1, Wang Jae Chun2 and Atsushi Fukuoka1, (1)Hokkaido University, Japan, (2)International Christian University, .
A Simple, Inexpensive, Solventless Method for Preparation of Active Iron Fischer Tropsch Catalysts
William Schaffers, Kyle M. Brunner, Kamyar Keyvanloo and William C. Hecker, Brigham Young University, USA.
Shape/Size-Reactivity Correlation Study in CeO2 Nanocrystals
Ruigang Wang and Randi Dangerfield, Youngstown State University, USA.
Dramatic Enhancement of Olefin Metathesis Activity for CH3ReO3 upon Chlorination of γ-Al2O3
Alessandro Gallo, Julia Rieb and Susannah L. Scott, University of California Santa Barbara, USA.
Preparation, Characterization and Catalytic Evaluation of Ru/TiO2-CeO2 Catalysts
Gilberto Torres1, Jorge Santiago Ferraez1, Hermicenda Perez Vidal1, Dora Maria Frias1, Jose Guadalupe Pacheco1, Alejandra Espinosa1, María Antonia Lunagómez1 and Gloria Alicia Del Angel2, (1)Universidad Juarez Autonoma de Tabasco, Mexico, (2)Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, Mexico.