Yong Wang

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Institute for Interfacial Catalysis
902 Battelle Bvd
Richland, WA
USA 99352
OA01 Pretreatment Effects on Methanol Steam Reforming Activity of PdZn Alloys
OA02 Influence of ZnO facets on Pd/ZnO catalysts for methanol steam reforming
OA03 Aerosol-derived Unsupported Bimetallic Model Catalysts- Intrinsic MSR Reactivity of Pd/ZnO Constituent Phases
OA27 Oxidation of Co by H2O and its Effect on the Activity and Selectivity for Ethanol Steam Reforming
OA41 Effect of Re Addition to Pt/C on the Product Distribution From the Aqueous Phase Reforming of Glycerol: Role and Generation of Acidity
OA68 Higher alcohols synthesis over supported cobalt catalysts
OB29 Direct Conversion of Bio-ethanol to Isobutene on ZnO-ZrO2 Mixed oxides catalysts
OC11 Pt-ITO-Graphene Electrocatalysts: Stabilization of Pt Nanoparticles at Triple Junction Points
OD66 Structure and Surface Acidity of Pt-Re Bimetallic Catalyst for Hydrothermal Conversion of Bio-Derived Polyols
OE38 Novel Reactor Designs for On-board Dehydrogenation of Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers
OF15 27Al and 1H NMR Characterization of ReOx/Al-SBA-15 Prepared by Atomic Layer Deposition
OF31 Formation and Stabilization of Single Atom Pd Species on ZnO(10-10) a Novel Mechanism for Metal-Support Interactions
OF48 Anatase Titania {101} Facet Supported Vanadia Model Catalyst for Selective Oxidation of Methanol
P-Mo-7 Deoxygenation of Acetaldehyde on the Reduced MoO3 Catalyst
P-Mo-62 The Effect of Zn on PdZn Catalysts for CO Oxidation
P-Mo-139 Methylation of phenolics over supported rhenium catalysts
P-Mo-149 Hydrogenation of trans, trans-muconic acid to adipic acid over supported rhenium catalysts