Daniel E. Resasco

University of Oklahoma
Chemical, Biological, and Materials Engineering
100 E. Boyd St.
SEC Room T-335
Norman, OK
USA 73019
KB28 Catalytic Upgrade of Pyrolysis Bio-oil Components in Vapor and Liquid Phases
OB75 Selective Deoxygenation of Furfural over Metal Catalysts: Experimental and Theoretical Studies
OE72 Novel Hybrid Nanoparticles that Catalyze Reactions at the Water/Oil Interface in Emulsion Systems
P-Tu-2 Anchoring Pd Nanoclusters onto Carbon Nanotubes: A Combined Theoretical and Experimental Study
P-We-17 Hydrodeoxygenation of Phenolic Compounds at the Liquid-Liquid Interface of Water/Oil Emulsions

Gender: Male