Johannes W. Schwank

University of Michigan
Chemical Engineering
2300 Hayward St.
3014 H.H. Dow Building
Ann Arbor, MI
USA 48109
OC40 Applications of Simultaneous TG/FTIR Analysis in Studies of DeNOx Catalysts and Surface Reactions
OC60 Photocatalytic H2 Generation over Ru-Doped Titania Nanotubes
OC65 Photocatalytic Remediation of VOCs: Effects of Temperature on Photocatalytic Oxidation of Ethylene
P-Tu-134 Effect of Support on Ethylene Epoxidation Over Ag Catalysts
P-Tu-147 Selective Hydrogenation of Mixed C4 Products Containing High Vinyl Acetylene Concentration
P-We-31 Chemical Interference and Distributed Feeding Effects on Fischer-Tropsch Product Distribution
P-We-47 Pt Loaded CdS/Titanate-Nanotube Catalyst for Photocatalytic Carbon Dioxide Hydrogenation

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