Catalyst Design and Synthesis II

Monday, June 3, 2013: 1:30 PM-3:10 PM
Ballroom B (Galt House Hotel)
Petra E. de Jongh, Utrecht University, Netherlands and Michael Reynolds, Shell, USA.
1:30 PM
Hydrogenation Catalysis with Open and Closed Metal Carbonyl Clusters: Synthesis and Characterization of First Open and Sterically Protected Ir4 Carbonyl Clusters
Alexander Okrut1, Ron C. Runnebaum1, Xiaoying Ouyang1, Ceren Aydin2, Jing Lu2, Sonjong Hwang3, Bruce C. Gates2 and Alexander Katz1, (1)University of California Berkeley, USA, (2)University of California Davis, USA, (3)California Institute of Technology, USA.
1:50 PM
Low Temperature Synthesis of Silicon Nanowires Using Ga as Catalyst
Maria L. Carreon, Jacek Jasinski and Mahendra Sunkara, University of Louisville, USA.
2:10 PM
Highly Dispersed Supported Nickel Prepared from a Metal Silicide Colloid: Enhanced Catalytic Performances in CO2 Reforming of CH4
David Baudouin1, Kaï Szeto2, Aimery De Mallmann2, Laurent Veyre2, Uwe Rodemerck3, Christophe Copéret1 and Chloé Thieuleux2, (1)ETH Zurich, Switzerland, (2)Université de Lyon, Switzerland, (3)Leibniz Institute for Catalysis at University Rostock, Germany.
2:30 PM
Improved Hydrothermal Stability of Mesoporous Oxides via Carbon Coating for Aqueous Phase Reactions
Hien Pham1, Amanda Anderson1, Robert Johnson2, Klaus Schmidt-Rohr2 and Abhaya K. Datye1, (1)University of New Mexico, USA, (2)Iowa State University, USA.