Catalyst Design and Synthesis I

Monday, June 3, 2013: 9:40 AM-12:00 PM
Ballroom B (Galt House Hotel)
John R. Regalbuto, University of South Carolina, USA and Levi T. Thompson, University of Michigan, USA.
9:40 AM
Catalytic Selectivity Control by Size, Shape, and Oxide Interfaces of Metal Nanoparticles: Synthesis and Characterization under Reaction Conditions
Kwangjin An1,2, William Michalak1,2, Selim Alayoglu1,2 and Gabor A. Somorjai1,2, (1)University of California Berkeley, USA, (2)Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA.
10:20 AM
Kinetic Consequences of Open and Closed Supported Molecular Active Sites
Partha Nandi1, Wenjie Tang2, Ying-Jen Wanglee1, Alexander Okrut1, Sonjong Hwang3, Matthew Neurock2 and Alexander Katz1, (1)University of California Berkeley, USA, (2)University of Virginia, USA, (3)California Institute of Technology, USA.
10:40 AM
Ru-Graphene-Al2O3 Methanation Catalysts
Randy Vander Wal and Ganesh Bhimanapati, Pennsylvania State University, USA.
11:00 AM
Design of High-performance Heterogeneous Biocatalyst Using Oil-filled Spherical Silica Nanoparticles as Supports
Yasutaka Kuwahara1,2, Takato Yamanishi1, Takashi Kamegawa1, Kohsuke Mori1,3 and Hiromi Yamashita1,3, (1)Osaka University, Japan, (2)National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan, (3)Kyoto University, Japan.
11:20 AM
Simultaneously Achieving Single Site Catalysts on Silicate Supports While Targeting Porosity
Craig E. Barnes1, Michael E. Peretich2, Katherine P. Sharp1 and Pasquale Fulvio3, (1)University of Tennessee, USA, (2)Naval Air Warefare Center, Aircraft Division, USA, (3)Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA.
11:40 AM
Single Atom Alloy Pd-Ag Catalysts for Acrolein Hydrogenation
Haojuan Wei1, A. Jeremy Kropf2, Neil M. Schweitzer2, Christopher L. Marshall2, Jeffrey T. Miller2 and Randall J. Meyer1, (1)University of Illinois at Chicago, USA, (2)Argonne National Laboratory, USA.