O-M-BRB-2 Kinetic Consequences of Open and Closed Supported Molecular Active Sites

Monday, June 3, 2013: 10:20 AM
Ballroom B (Galt House Hotel)
Partha Nandi1, Wenjie Tang2, Ying-Jen Wanglee1, Alexander Okrut1, Sonjong Hwang3, Matthew Neurock2 and Alexander Katz1, (1)University of California Berkeley, USA, (2)University of Virginia, USA, (3)California Institute of Technology, USA.
A new approach for the control and understanding of supported molecular catalysts is demonstrated with the design and synthesis of open and closed variants of a grafted Lewis acid active site, consisting of Al(III)-calix[4]arene complexes on the surface of silica.

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