Novel In-Situ Characterization Techniques (I)

Thursday, June 9, 2011: 8:00 AM-12:00 PM
Ambassador Ballroom 3 (Detroit Marriott Hotel at the Renaissance Center )
Galen B. Fisher and Johannes W. Schwank
Lawrence F. Allard and Abhaya K. Datye
8:00 AM
Design of an Operando Transmission Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) Reactor and Its Application to Steady State Isotopic Transient Kinetic Analysis of the Water Gas Shift (WGS) Reaction over Supported Au Nanoparticles
Jun Wang, Purdue University; Vincent F. Kispersky, Purdue University; Mayank Shekhar, Purdue University; W. Damion Williams, Purdue University; Wen-Sheng Lee, Purdue University; Jeffrey T. Miller, Argonne National Laboratory; W. Nicholas Delgass, Purdue University; Fabio H. Ribeiro, Purdue University
8:20 AM
Meeting Pressure and Temperature Gaps: Fast Operando FTIR-MS Measurements - From Surface Areas to Steady State Isotope Transient Kinetics
Yong Yang, University of Washington and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Charles A. Mims, University of Toronto; Charles H.F. Peden, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Donghai Mei, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Younan Xia, Washington University in St. Louis; Charles T. Campbell, University of Washington
8:40 AM
9:20 AM
Dynamic X-ray tomography on single catalyst bodies
Simon D. M. Jacques, Utrecht University; Matthew G. O'Brien, Utrecht University; Bert M. Weckhuysen, Utrecht University; Andrew M. Beale, Utrecht University
9:40 AM
10:20 AM
Novel Synchrotron X-ray Measurements of Catalysts
Shelly D. Kelly, EXAFS Analysis; George E. Mickelson, UOP LLC, a Honeywell Company; Jason Davis, UOP LLC, a Honeywell Company; Wharton Sinkler, UOP LLC, a Honeywell Company; Simon Bare, UOP LLC, a Honeywell Company
10:40 AM
Lab scale fixed-bed reactor for operando X-ray absorption spectroscopy for structure activity studies of supported metal oxide catalysts
Santhosh Kumar Matam, Empa, Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology; Davide Ferri, Empa
11:00 AM
Dynamic structure changes of silver on porous zeolite
Haiyan Zhao, Argonne National Laboratory; Karena Chapman, Argonne National Laboratory; Peter Chupas, Argonne National Laboratory; Tina Nenoff, Sandia National Laboratory
11:20 AM
Ostwald Ripening Of Individual Nanoparticles - Implications For Catalysts Sintering
Sivakumar R. Challa, University of New Mexico; Andrew DeLaRiva, University of New Mexico; Abhaya K. Datye, University of New Mexico
11:40 AM
In-Situ Catalyst Sintering Studies Using Indirect Nanoplasmonic Sensing
Christoph Langhammer, Chalmers University of Technology; Julien Millet, Chalmers University of Technology; Igor Zoric, Chalmers University of Technology; Magnus Skoglundh, Chalmers University of Technology; Bengt Kasemo, Chalmers University of Technology; Elin Larsson, Chalmers University of Technology