Enrique Iglesia

University of California Berkeley
Department of Chemical Engineering
201 Gilman Hall
Berkeley, CA
USA 94720
KF42 Consequences of Cluster Size and Surface Coordination in Catalysis: Structure Sensitivity and Brønsted-Evans-Polanyi Relations Revisited
OA20 The Kinetic Consequences of Oxygen Chemical Potential in Methane Oxidation Reactions on Group VIII Metal Clusters
OA71 CO Activation and C-C Bond Formation in Synthesis Gas Conversion
OB44 Mechanistic insights into acid-catalysis and the selective homologation of C1-species to isobutane and 2,2,3-trimethylbutane
OC28 Mechanism and Site Requirements for NO Oxidation Catalysis and NOx Adsorption on Dispersed Metal and Oxide Substrates
OC71 Identity and Kinetic Relevance of Elementary Steps in the Catalytic Reduction of NO with H2 on Pt Clusters
OD71 Equivalent Brønsted Acid Strength and Different Solvation Properties of Thermally and Chemically Treated FAU Zeolites
OD77 Kinetic Consequences of Chemisorbed Oxygen during Oxidation of Methane and Ethane on Pt Clusters
OE04 Consequences of Entropy for Site Requirements in Acidic Zeolites for Monomolecular Alkane Reactions and Their Microscopic Reverse
OE10 Effects of Acid Strength and of Solvation by Confinement on Reactivity and Selectivity in Acid Catalysis
OE17 Metal and oxide clusters protected within small-pore zeolites: synthesis, shape selective properties and inhibition by organosulfur compounds
OE21 Hydrodesulfurization on Ru and Pt Clusters: Elementary Steps and Effects of Surface Coordination and Cluster Size on Reactivity
OE45 Selective C-C bond cleavage in cyclic hydrocarbons catalyzed by Ir

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