Suljo Linic

University of Michigan
Department of Chemical Engineering
2300 Hayward
3074 H. H. Dow
Ann Arbor, MI
USA 48109
OA07 High surface area transition metal carbide supported catalysts
OC08 Oxygen Reduction on Metals in Acidic and Basic Media: Insights Toward Design of Platinum-Free Electrocatalysts
OC62 Novel Composite Photocatalysts for Visible Light Water Splitting
OF23 Exceptions to the d-band Model of Chemisorption on Metal Surfaces: the Dominant Role of Repulsion between Adsorbate States and Metal d-states
OF27 Multiple Stimuli Driven Catalysis: Catalytic Processes at Lower Temperatures Driven by Solar and Thermal Energy
OF29 Developing Relationships between the Local Geometry Structure and Chemical Reactivity of Alloy Catalysts based on their Measured Electronic Structure
P-Tu-4 Hematite Films for Photo-catalytic Hydrogen Production: Using Plasmonic Nanoparticles to Enhance Water Splitting Activity

Gender: Male