Jae-Soon Choi

Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Fuels, Engines and Emissions Research Center
2360 Cherahala Blvd.
Knoxville, TN
USA 37932-1563
OB10 Kinetic Modeling of NOx Storage and Reduction Using Spatially Resolved MS Measurements
OC22 Axial Redistribution of NOx Storage and Resulting Impact on Lean NOx Trap Performance under Fast Lean/Rich Cycling Conditions
OC27 Modeling of N2O Formation During the Regeneration of Lean NOx Trap
OC37 Spatiotemporal Analysis of SCR Reactions in Zeolite SCR Catalysts
P-Tu-122 Impact of the Support Material on the Stability of Nitrates and Sulfates in Lean NOx Traps

Gender: Male