Catalyst Design and Synthesis: Precious Metals II

Thursday, June 6, 2013: 3:40 PM-5:20 PM
Ballroom B (Galt House Hotel)
Anders Holmen, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway and Anne M. Gaffney, AMG Chemistry and Catalysis Consulting and the Langmuir Research Institute, USA.
3:40 PM
Ruthenium Nanoparticle Supported On Hydrophobic Silica: A Change On Surface Properties and Reactivity
Karol Furman1, David Baudouin1, Christophe Copéret1 and Fabio H. Ribeiro2, (1)ETH Zurich, Switzerland, (2)Purdue University, USA.
4:00 PM
Pt-Mo2C/Al2O3 Catalysts for the Water Gas Shift Reaction
Gaowei Wang1,2, Josh A. Schaidle3, Yongdan Li2 and Levi T. Thompson1, (1)University of Michigan, USA, (2)Tianjin University, China, (3)National Renewable Energy Laboratory, USA.
4:20 PM
Supported Bimetallic Catalysts Incorporating Segregated Osmium and Rhodium Clusters
Joseph Kistler, Pedro Serna and Bruce C. Gates, University of California Davis, USA.
4:40 PM
In Situ Resolving Pd Atomic Layer Deposition for Synthesis of Sintering-Resistant Catalysts
Yu Lei1, Junling Lu1, Ke-Bin Low2, Haiyan Zhao1, Bin Liu1, Joseph A. Libera1, Jeffrey P. Greeley1, Peter Chupas1, Jeffrey T. Miller1 and Jeffrey W. Elam1, (1)Argonne National Laboratory, USA, (2)University of Illinois at Chicago, USA.
5:00 PM
Fundamental Mechanism of C3H6 Oxidation Reaction Over Self-Assembled Pt and Pd Particles Supported On γ-Al2O3
Michelle Wiebenga1, Tyne R. Johns2, Jason R. Gaudet2, Michael Balogh1, Se H. Oh1, Wei Li1, Abhaya K. Datye2, Boris Kiefer3 and Chang H. Kim1, (1)General Motors Research and Development Center, USA, (2)University of New Mexico, USA, (3)New Mexico State University, USA.