Catalyst Design and Synthesis V

Tuesday, June 4, 2013: 1:30 PM-3:10 PM
Ballroom B (Galt House Hotel)
Mayfair C. Kung, Northwestern University, USA and Gary L. Haller, Yale University, USA.
1:30 PM
Insights into Nanoparticles Nucleation and Growth Mechanisms
Ayman M. Karim1, Naila Al Hasan1, Soenke Seifert2, Randall E. Winans2, Angelica Benavidez3, Aaron Jenkins3, Sergei Ivanov4 and Abhaya K. Datye3, (1)Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA, (2)Argonne National Laboratory, USA, (3)University of New Mexico, USA, (4)Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA.
1:50 PM
Catalytic Consequences of Open Metal Clusters Synthesized via Simple Oxidative Treatment
Ron C. Runnebaum1, Alexander Okrut1, Xiaoying Ouyang1, Ceren Aydin2, Sonjong Hwang3, Ilke Arslan4, Bruce C. Gates2 and Alexander Katz1, (1)University of California Berkeley, USA, (2)University of California Davis, USA, (3)California Institute of Technology, USA, (4)Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA.
2:10 PM
Hematite Nanowire Arrays Synthesized by Atmospheric Plasma Oxidation for Solar Hydrogen Production
Harry Russell1, Mahendra Sunkara2, Jacek Jasinski1, Todd Deutsch3 and Uros Cvelbar4, (1)University of Louisville, USA, (2)Advanced Energy Materials, LLC., USA, (3)National Renewable Energy Laboratory, USA, (4)Josef Stefan Institute, Slovenia.
2:30 PM
Development of Novel Catalytic Systems for the Synthesis of Poly- and Cyclic Carbonates Utilizing Carbon Dioxide
Willi Desens and Thomas Werner, Leibniz Institute for Catalysis at University Rostock, Germany.
2:50 PM
Synthesis of a Honeycomb-Type Carbon-Based Acid Catalyst for Flow Reaction Systems
Isao Ogino, Kazuhiro Murakami, Yoshitaka Satoh and Shin Mukai, Hokkaido University, Japan.