Tuesday, June 4, 2013: 3:40 PM-5:20 PM
French (Galt House Hotel)
Justin M. Notestein, Northwestern University, USA and Hans Schulz, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany.
3:40 PM
Mechansism and Active Sites of Phenanthrene Hydrogenation on Supported NiMoS Catalysts
Eva Schachtl, Elena Wuttke, Oliver Y. Gutiérrez and Johannes A. Lercher, Technical University of Munich, Germany.
4:00 PM
Origin of the Promotion Effect of Au on the Activity of Ni for Acetylene Hydrogenation
Bo Yang1, Robbie Burch1, Christopher Hardacre1, Gareth Headdock2 and Peijun Hu1, (1)Queen's University of Belfast, United Kingdom, (2)Johnson Matthey Catalysts, United Kingdom.
4:20 PM
Ruthenium-Catalyzed Hydrogenation of Levulinic acid: Influence of the Support on Selectivity and Stability
Wenhao Luo1, Upakul Deka1, Andrew M. Beale1, Ernst R. H. van Eck2, Pieter C. A. Bruijnincx1 and Bert M. Weckhuysen1, (1)Utrecht University, Netherlands, (2)Radboud University Nijmegen, Netherlands.
4:40 PM
Defects in ZnO Promote Industrial Methanol Synthesis over Cu/ZnO
Malte Behrens1, Stefan Zander1, Nikolas Jacobsen2, Gregor Koch3, Thorsten Ressler3, Jürgen Senker4 and Robert Schlögl1, (1)Fritz Haber Institute of the Max Planck Society, Germany, (2)BU Catalysis & Energy of Clariant (formerly Süd-Chemie), Germany, (3)Technical University Berlin, Germany, (4)University Bayreuth, Germany.
5:00 PM
Supported Molybdenum Carbide for Higher Alcohol Synthesis from Syngas
Anker D. Jensen1, Qiongxiao Wu1, Gian Luca Chiarello2, Jakob M. Christensen1, Burcin Temel3 and Jan-Dierk Grunwaldt2, (1)Technical University of Denmark, Denmark, (2)Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany, (3)Haldor Topsøe A/S, Denmark.