Catalysis for Fine and Industrial Chemicals II

Tuesday, June 4, 2013: 9:40 AM-12:00 PM
French (Galt House Hotel)
Johannes W. Schwank, University of Michigan, USA and Liam McMillan, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom.
9:40 AM
10:00 AM
Ni Catalyzed Cleavage of Aryl Ethers in Aqueous Phase
Chen Zhao, Technical University of Munich, Germany.
10:20 AM
Mechanistic Insights into Ring-Opening and Decarboxylation of 2-Pyrones in Liquid Water and Tetrahydrofuran Solvents
Mei Chia1, Mohammad Ali Haider2, George Kraus3, Matthew Neurock2 and James A. Dumesic1, (1)University of Wisconsin Madison, USA, (2)University of Virginia, USA, (3)Iowa State University, USA.
11:00 AM
Insights into Selective Hydrogenolysis of Cyclic Ethers and Polyols over Rh and Rh-Re Catalysts
Qiaohua Tan1, David Hibbitts1, Mei Chia2, James A. Dumesic2, Robert J. Davis1 and Matthew Neurock1, (1)University of Virginia, USA, (2)University of Wisconsin Madison, USA.
11:20 AM
Catalytic Activity and Stability of Molybdenum Carbides in Aqueous Phase Hydrotreating of Acetic Acid
Jae-Soon Choi1, Viviane Schwartz1, Eduardo Santillan-Jimenez2, Mark Crocker2, Samuel Lewis1, Harry Meyer1 and Karren More1, (1)Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA, (2)University of Kentucky, USA.
11:40 AM
Kinetics and Mechanism of Acetic Acid Ketonization on Ru/TiO2
Tu N Pham1, Dachuan Shi1, Tawan Sooknoi1,2, Steven Crossley1 and Daniel E. Resasco1, (1)University of Oklahoma, USA, (2)King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Thailand.