Catalyst Deactivation III

Monday, June 3, 2013: 3:40 PM-5:20 PM
Combs Chandler (Galt House Hotel)
Henrik Grönbeck, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden and Ashok Kumar, Cummins Inc., USA.
3:40 PM
Sulfur Poisoning of Cobalt Catalysts during Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis: Effect of Modification with a Chelating Agent
Edwin L. Kugler1,2, Ashish S. Bambal1,2, Todd Gardner1 and Dady B. Dadyburjor1,2, (1)National Energy Technology Laboratory, USA, (2)West Virginia University, USA.
4:00 PM
Deactivation Mechanistic Studies of Copper Chromite Catalyst for the Selective Hydrogenation of 2-Furfuraldehyde
Christopher L. Marshall1, Dongxia Liu1, Tianpin Wu1, Rodrigo Lobo1, James A. Dumesic2, Dmitry Y. Zemlyanov3 and Jeffrey T. Miller1, (1)Argonne National Laboratory, USA, (2)University of Wisconsin Madison, USA, (3)Purdue University, USA.
4:20 PM
Kinetic Study of the SO2 Oxidation Reaction Over a Pt/Al2O3 Diesel Oxidation Catalyst
Tayebeh Hamzehlouyan, Chaitanya Sampara and William Epling, University of Houston, USA.
4:40 PM
Characterizing the Impact of Fuel-born Metals on Oxidation Catalysts, Cu-Zeolite SCR Catalysts and Particulate Filters
Todd J. Toops1, Michael J. Lance1, D. William Brookshear2, Ke Nguyen2, Aaron Williams3, Giovanni Cavataio4 and Andrew Wereszczak1, (1)Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA, (2)University of Tennessee, USA, (3)National Renewable Energy Laboratory, USA, (4)Ford Motor Company, USA.
5:00 PM
Catalytic Armoring by Atomic Layer Deposition for the Stabalization of Base Metals in the Liquid Phase
Brandon O'Neill1, David Jackson1, Anthony J. Crisci1, Carrie A. Farberow1, Fengyuan Shi1, Junling Lu2, Paul J. Dietrich3, Fabio H. Ribeiro3, Jeffrey T. Miller2, Jeffrey W. Elam2, Paul Voyles1, Manos Mavrikakis1, Jeffrey P. Greeley3, Thomas Kuech1 and James A. Dumesic1, (1)University of Wisconsin Madison, USA, (2)Argonne National Laboratory, USA, (3)Purdue University, USA.