O-M-Com-16 Catalytic Armoring by Atomic Layer Deposition for the Stabalization of Base Metals in the Liquid Phase

Monday, June 3, 2013: 5:00 PM
Combs Chandler (Galt House Hotel)
Brandon O'Neill1, David Jackson1, Anthony J. Crisci1, Carrie A. Farberow1, Fengyuan Shi1, Junling Lu2, Paul J. Dietrich3, Fabio H. Ribeiro3, Jeffrey T. Miller2, Jeffrey W. Elam2, Paul Voyles1, Manos Mavrikakis1, Jeffrey P. Greeley3, Thomas Kuech1 and James A. Dumesic1, (1)University of Wisconsin Madison, USA, (2)Argonne National Laboratory, USA, (3)Purdue University, USA.
Liquid phase reactions are currently limited to precious metals because of their superior stability in high temperature, liquid phase conditions.  A new catalytic armoring technique via atomic layer deposition now makes it possible to stabilize even base metal catalysts against irreversible deactivation in the form of sintering and leaching.

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