Trunojoyo Anggara

University of Notre Dame
Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Notre Dame, IN
USA Papers:
KL-Th-Com-11 An Overview of Ammonia SCR on Cu-Supported Zeolites
O-Th-Com-4 DFT Evidence for Fast NOx SCR on Isolated Cu Sites in SSZ-13
O-Th-Jon-7 Determination of the Active Cu Environment in SSZ-13 under Standard SCR Conditions with Operando X-ray Absorption
O-W-Com-9 NO Oxidation : A Probe Reaction on Cu SSZ13
O-W-Com-11 Theoretical Evidence for Dimeric Cu Species as the Active Sites for NO Oxidation on Cu-SSZ-13 Zeolite Catalyst
P-M-BRC-146 Copper Dimers Are the Active Sites for NO Oxidation on Cu/ZSM-5

Gender: Male