Jeffrey W. Elam

Argonne National Laboratory
Energy Systems Division
9700 S. Cass Ave
Bldg 362
Lemont, IL
USA 60439
O-F-BRA-3 Methanol Reforming to Syn-Gas over Supported Pt Catalyst SrTiO3 Nanocubes Synthesized by ALD
O-M-Com-16 Catalytic Armoring by Atomic Layer Deposition for the Stabalization of Base Metals in the Liquid Phase
O-Th-BRB-9 Selective Catalysis with Oxide Nanocavities
O-Th-BRB-19 In Situ Resolving Pd Atomic Layer Deposition for Synthesis of Sintering-Resistant Catalysts
O-Tu-Seg-3 Effect of Iron and Titanium Oxide Promoters on Platinum Model Catalysts for the Water-Gas Shift Reaction
P-W-Cle-17 In situ Small-Angle X-Ray Scattering/X-Ray Absorption Study: Stabilization of Nanocatalyst by ALD Overcoat

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