Nano-Structured Materials & Clusters for Structure-Property Investigations (I)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011: 9:40 AM-12:00 PM
Ambassador Ballroom 3 (Detroit Marriott Hotel at the Renaissance Center )
Galen B. Fisher and Johannes W. Schwank
Alexis T. Bell and Galen B. Fisher
9:40 AM
Insights into structure-sensitive reactions using model supported nanoparticles
D. Wayne Goodman, Texas A & M University; Matthew Lundwall, Texas A & M University; Sean McClure, Texas A&M University; Zhoujun Wang, Texas A & M University; Xin Wang, Texas A&M University
10:20 AM
CO Oxidation on Inverse CeOŚ/Cu(111) Catalysts
Fan Yang, Brookhaven National Laboratory; Jesus Graciani, Universidad de Sevilla; Jaime Evans, Universidad Central de Venezuela; Ping Liu, Brookhaven National Laboratory; Jan Hrbek, Brookhaven National Laboratory; Javier F. Sanz, Universidad de Sevilla; Jose A. Rodriguez, Brookhaven National Laboratory
10:40 AM
XANES and EXAFS of Ni-Co Bimetallic Catalyst for CO2 Reforming of CH4
Hui Wang, University of Saskatchewan; Jeffrey T. Miller, Argonne National Laboratory; Mohsen Shakouri, University of Saskatchewan
11:00 AM
Size Effect of Cubic Palladium Nanoparticles on the Oxidation of CO
Hongyang Liu, University of Missouri-St. Louis; Jingyue Liu, University of Missouri-St. Louis; Mingshang Jin, Washington University, St. Louis; Younan Xia, Washington University in St. Louis
11:20 AM
Ultra-thin Tungsten Oxide Films on Pt(111): Preparation, Characterization and Catalytic Activity
Zhenjun Li, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Zhenrong Zhang, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Yu Kwon Kim, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; R. Scott Smith, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Falko Netzer, Karl-Franzens University; Bruce Kay, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Roger Rousseau, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Zdenek Dohnalek, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
11:40 AM
Characterization of Pt/SiO2 Model Catalysts Using n-Heptane Dehydrocyclization
Matthew Lundwall, Texas A & M University; Sean M. McClure, Texas A & M University; Zhoujun Wang, Texas A & M University; D. Wayne Goodman, Texas A & M University