Fischer-Tropsch (I)

Thursday, June 9, 2011: 8:00 AM-12:00 PM
Cabot Ballroom (Detroit Marriott Hotel at the Renaissance Center )
Levi T. Thompson
Uschi M. Graham and Eric van Steen
8:00 AM
Early Transition Metal Carbide and Nitride Catalysts for Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis
Josh A. Schaidle, University of Michigan; Levi T. Thompson, University of Michigan
8:20 AM
8:40 AM
Reducibility of Cobalt Supported on SBA-15 and Zirconia for Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis
Kevin Bakhmutsky, University of Pennsylvania; Noah L. Wieder, University of Pennsylvania; Thomas Baldassare, Villanova University; Michael A. Smith, Villanova University; Raymond J. Gorte, University of Pennsylvania
9:00 AM
Dynamic characterization of Co/TiO2 Fischer-Tropsch catalysts with infrared spectroscopy and DFT calculations
Jie Gao, Stevens Institute of Technology; Emiel de Smit, Utrecht University; George B. Fitzgerald, Accelrys; Adeniyi Lawal, Stevens Institute of Technology; Bert M. Weckhuysen, Utrecht University; Simon G. Podkolzin, Stevens Institute of Technology
9:20 AM
Successful design of a Co Fischer-Tropsch catalyst regeneration process based on fundamental insights
Abdool M. Saib, Sasol Technology R&D; W. Booysen, Sasol Technology R&D; I.M. Ciobica, Sasol Technology R&D; Jean Gauche, Sasol Technology R&D; Melene M. Hauman, Sasol Technology R&D; Denzil J. Moodley, Sasol Technology R&D; J.W. (Hans) Niemantsverdriet, Eindhoven University of Technology; Bull H. Sigwebela, Sasol Technology R&D; M. Soni, Sasol Technology R&D; Jan van de Loosdrecht, Sasol Technology R&D; Cathrin A. Welker-Nieuwoudt, Sasol Technology; Rutger A. van Santen, Eindhoven University of Technology; C.J. Weststrate, Eindhoven University of Technology
9:40 AM
10:20 AM
Alumina Supported Co Catalysts for Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis. Effect of Particle Size and Alumina Modifications on Activity and Selectivity
Shreyas P. Rane, Norwegian University of Science & Engineering (NTNU); Anders Holmen, Norwegian University of Science & Engineering (NTNU); Jia Yang, Norwegian University of Science & Engineering (NTNU); Bjørn Christian Enger, Norwegian University of Science & Engineering (NTNU); Erling Rytter, Statoil
10:40 AM
Isotope Fractionations during Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis
Buchang Shi, Eastern Kentucky University; Chunfen Jin, Eastern Kentucky University
11:00 AM
11:40 AM
Adoption Of Honeycomb Catalysts For The Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis
Carlo Giorgio Visconti, Politecnico di Milano; Enrico Tronconi, Politecnico di Milano; Gianpiero Groppi, Politecnico di Milano; Luca Lietti, Politecnico di Milano; Stefano Rossini, eni S.p.A.; Roberto Zennaro, eni S.p.A.