Zeolites for Chemical Conversions to Olefins

Tuesday, June 7, 2011: 1:30 PM-5:20 PM
Ambassador Ballroom 1 (Detroit Marriott Hotel at the Renaissance Center )
Eric E. Stangland
Andre Malek and Daniel Shantz
1:30 PM
Selectivity Control in Methanol-to-Hydrocarbons Catalysis by Manipulating the Hydrocarbon Pool
Samia Ilias, University of Minnesota; Aditya Bhan, University of Minnesota
2:50 PM
Porosity, Acidity and Reactivity of Dealuminated Zeolite ZSM-5 at the Single Particle Level: Influence of the Zeolite Architecture
Luis R. Aramburo, Utrecht University; Lukasz Karwacki, Utrecht University; Bert M. Weckhuysen, Utrecht University
3:10 PM
3:40 PM
Kinetics and Mechanism of Olefin Methylation Reactions on Zeolites
Ian M. Hill, University of Minnesota; Aditya Bhan, University of Minnesota
4:00 PM
Chemistry of Furan Conversion into Aromatics and Olefins over ZSM-5: A Model Biomass Conversion Reaction
Yu-Ting Cheng, University of Massachusetts Amherst; George W. Huber, University of Massachusetts
4:20 PM
Improving Activity and Selectivity in Gas-oil Cracking by the Use of ZSM-5 Zeolite with Small Intracrystal Mesopores
Kostas S. Triantafyllidis, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki; Angelos A. Lappas, Centre for Research and Technology-Hellas (CERTH); Dong Ho Park, Inje University; Seong-Su Kim, Michigan State University; Thomas J. Pinnavaia, Michigan State University
4:40 PM
A Deactivation Study of P-Ce/HZSM-5 in Thermal Cracking of Naphtha by Response Surface Methodology
Fatemeh Khodadadian, Tarbiat Modares University; Jafar Towfighi, Tarbiat Modares University; Kamyar Keyvanloo, Brigham Young University
5:00 PM
Application of Improved Exchange-Correlation Functionals: Chemical Accuracy in Computational Catalysis
Joseph S. Gomes, University of California; Martin Head-Gordon, University of California at Berkeley; Alexis T. Bell, University of California, Berkeley