Israel E. Wachs

Lehigh University
Operando Molecular Spectroscopy & Catalysis Laboratory, Department of Chemical Engineering
7 Asa Drive
117 Sinclair Laboratory
Bethlehem, PA
USA 18015
OA11 New Insights into the Water-Gas Shift Reaction over Bulk Cr2O3*Fe2O3 Mixed Oxide Catalysts: A Combined Operando Raman-IR-MS Investigation
OB40 Determination of the Catalytic Active Site and Reaction Mechanism for Methanol Oxidation by Aqueous Vanadium Haloperoxidase Functional Mimics
OD36 Identification of oxygen species active in ethylene epoxidation on silver catalysts with Raman spectroscopy and DFT calculations
OE08 In Situ Characterization of Tungstated ZrO2 Solid Acid Catalysts during Pentane Isomerization
OE13 Investigation of Methane Aromatization over Mo/ZSM-5 Catalysts with DFT Calculations and Operando Molecular Spectroscopy
OE62 An In Situ Raman and Operando IR Investigation of Supported Na2O/Al2O3 and K2CO3-Promoted Hydrotalcite for Reversible CO2 Capture
OF61 Identification of catalytic active sites in WO3/ZrO2 catalysts via direct STEM-HAADF imaging
P-Mo-83 Fundamental Surface Structure-Photoactivity Relationships of Tantalum-based Photocatalysts

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