Marco J. Castaldi

Columbia University
Earth and Environmental Engineering
500 West 120th Street
Room 918 Mudd Building
New York, NY
USA 10027
OA30 Sulfur Poisoning and Potential Catalyst Regeneration Methods During Steam Reforming of E85
OC77 Preferential Oxidation of CO on Pt/γ-Al2O3: Regimes of Operation and Effect of Transport on Selectivity
OE57 Dispersed Calcium Oxide as a Reversible and Efficient CO2 Sorbent for Intermediate Temperatures
P-Mo-19 The Effect of CO2 and Coke Precursors on the Catalytic Partial Oxidation of Methane
P-Tu-46 Impacts of Sulfur on Pt/Rh Catalysts During Autothermal Reforming of JP8