Peter C. Stair

Northwestern University
2145 Sheridan Road
Tech K-145
Evanston, IL
USA 60208
OE30 Structure and Identity of Oxygenated Organic Species on Catalytically Relevant Oxide and Nanoparticle Surfaces Studied by Sum-Frequency Generation
OF10 Precursor Nuclearity Effects in Supported Vanadium Oxides Prepared by Organometallic Grafting
OF16 Genesis and Evolution of Surface Species during Pt Atomic Layer Deposition on Oxide Supports Characterized by in Situ XAFS Analysis
OF17 Synthesis and Stabilization of Supported Metal Catalysts by Atomic Layer Deposition
P-Mo-94 Combined Raman spectroscopic and Theoretical Investigation of the Five-membered ring molecules and Levulinic Acid: Uncatalyzed and Acid-Catalyzed reaction
P-Mo-101 In Situ Fourier Transform Infrared CO2 Adsorption Studies using Engineered, Amine-Grafted SBA-15
P-Tu-20 Catalytic Palladium-based Nanobowls Synthesized Using Atomic Layer Deposition
P-Tu-22 Design and Synthesis of Advanced Metal Catalysts with Atomic Layer Deposition
P-Tu-76 The structure-reactivity relationship of alumina supported monomeric vanadium oxide catalysts

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