Aditya Bhan

University of Minnesota
Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
151 Amundson Hall
421 Washington Ave SE
Minneapolis, MN
USA 55455
OD24 Selectivity Control in Methanol-to-Hydrocarbons Catalysis by Manipulating the Hydrocarbon Pool
OD28 Kinetics and Mechanism of Olefin Methylation Reactions on Zeolites
OE03 Catalytic Consequences of Hydroxyl Group Location on the Rate and Mechanism of Ethanol Dehydration and n-Hexane Isomerization over Acidic Zeolites
OE16 Correlations for Adsorption of Polyfunctional Molecules onto Zeolites from Aqueous Solutions
P-Tu-55 Rule-based Generation and Analysis of Catalytic Reaction Systems for Upgrading Biomass to Fuels
P-Tu-75 Catalytic Behavior of Brønsted acid sites in MWW and MFI Zeolites with Dual Meso- and Micro-porosity