John M. Vohs

University of Pennsylvania
Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
220 South 33rd Street
Room 311A Towne Building
Philadelphia, PA
USA 19104
OA02 Influence of ZnO facets on Pd/ZnO catalysts for methanol steam reforming
OA03 Aerosol-derived Unsupported Bimetallic Model Catalysts- Intrinsic MSR Reactivity of Pd/ZnO Constituent Phases
OA25 Active Sites for Ethanol Steam Reforming on Co/ZnO Catalysts
OB16 Molten Metal Anodes for Direct Carbon Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
OB20 Fuel Cell performance using Lanthanum Strontium Vanadate (LSV) for an anode composite material
P-Mo-29 Oxide Bronzes (MxAOy)-YSZ as composite anode for SOFCs prepared by Infiltration Method
P-Mo-62 The Effect of Zn on PdZn Catalysts for CO Oxidation
P-Tu-41 Reaction Pathways for the Reforming of Glucose on Pt(111)
P-We-50 Electrolysis of HBr using molten alkali-bromide electrolytes

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