Bruce C. Gates

University of California-Davis
Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
One Shields Ave (Bainer Hall)
Davis, CA
USA 95616
OB54 Catalytic Upgrading of Lignin-Derived Compounds: Reaction Network and Evidence of Oxygen Removal
OB62 Catalytic conversion of anisole and 4-methylanisole: kinetics and reaction networks
OD52 Dimerization of Ethene Catalyzed by Rhodium Complexes Supported on Zeolite HY in the Absence of Halides: First Evidences of the Cooperation between Metal Complexes and Solid Brønsted Acids for the Formation of C–C bonds
OE41 Quantifying the influence of metal-support electron-transfer and metal-metal interactions in catalysis by well-defined supported iridium complexes and clusters
OF45 Switching Catalytic Selectivity of Supported Molecular Rhodium Species by Controlling the Structure of the Active Sites at an Atomic Level
OF47 A Combined Theoretical and Experimental Study of the Adsorption of Rh(CO)2(acac) on TiO2(110)

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