In situ and Operando Characterization I

Wednesday, June 5, 2013: 1:30 PM-3:10 PM
Jones (Galt House Hotel)
Charles H.F. Peden, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA and Jeffrey T. Miller, Argonne National Laboratory, USA.
2:10 PM
Luminescence Spectroscopy Assesses the Structure of the Reaction Medium Neighboring a Catalytic Site
Robert Weber, Abhijeet Karkamkar, Birgit Schwenzer, Vassiliki-Alexandra Glezakou, Zheming Wang and Lelia Cosimbescu, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA.
2:50 PM
An in situ Spatially Resolved Method to Probe Gas Phase Reactions and Temperature Through a Fixed Bed Catalyst
Jamal Touitou, Kevin Morgan, Colin McManus, Robbie Burch, Christopher Hardacre and Alexandre Goguet, CenTACat, Queen's University Belfast, United Kingdom.