P-W-Wil-16 Catalytic Activity of NixAlBEA and NixSiBEA Zeolite Catalysts in Partial Oxidation of Methane: Influence of Zeolite Dealumination and Ni Incorporation

Wednesday, June 5, 2013
Willis (Galt House Hotel)
Karolina Chalupka1, Jacek Rynkowski1, Jacek Grams1, Thomas Onfroy2, Sandra Casale2 and Stanislaw Dzwigaj2, (1)Lodz University of Technology, Poland, (2)Laboratoire de Réactivité de Surface, UMR 7197 CNRS, UPMC, France.
BEA zeolite catalysts containing Ni are studied in POM reaction.  The NixSiBEA catalysts demonstrate very high activity and selectivity to CO and resistance to deactivation. Moreover they are much more stable than NixAlBEA catalysts. On both series of catalysts the carbon deposition is not observed.

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