P-Tu-BRC-103 On the Unexpected Release of NO in the Temperature Transient Reactivity of NOx Species Adsorbed on Ag/Gamma-Al2O3 with n-Decane

Tuesday, June 4, 2013
Ballroom C (Galt House Hotel)
Kinga Malinger1, Juliette Blanchard2, Rachel P. Doherty1 and Cyril Thomas1, (1)UPMC Laboratoire de Réactivité de Surface, France, (2)UPMC-CNRS, France.
This work highlights the extreme complexity of the HC-SCR process over Ag/Al2O3 for which both a redox function, brought about by the “Ag2O-like” clusters (AgnOy), and a close proximity between the NOx species adsorbed on Al2O3 and the “Ag2O-like” clusters are required.

Extended Abstracts: