Haren Gandhi Memorial Symposium (II)

Monday, June 6, 2011: 1:30 PM-5:20 PM
Columbus Ballroom (Detroit Marriott Hotel at the Renaissance Center )
Robert W. McCabe
Se H. Oh and Martyn V. Twigg
1:30 PM
New insights in the NOx adsorption mechanism over Pt-Ba/Al2O3 investigated by FT-IR operando spectroscopy
Luca Lietti, Politecnico di Milano; Marco Daturi, University de Caen/ENSICAEN/CNRS; Vanessa Blasin-Aubé, University de Caen/ENSICAEN/CNRS; Lidia Castoldi, Politecnico di Milano; Giovanna Ghiotti, Universitā di Torino; Sara Morandi, Universitā di Torino; Pio Forzatti, Politecnico di Milano; Riccardo De Marco, Politecnico di Milano
1:50 PM
Effects of Ba-Carbonate/Carboxylate Surface Species on the NOx Storage Capacity of Pt/Ba/Al2O3 Lean NOx Traps
Vincent F. Kispersky, Purdue University; Saurabh S. Chaugule, Purdue University; Aleksey Yezerets, Cummins Inc; Neal W. Currier, Cummins Inc; Fabio H. Ribeiro, Purdue University; W. Nicholas Delgass, Purdue University
2:10 PM
A Spatio-temporal Study of Lean NOx Trap Regeneration
Vencon Easterling, University of Kentucky; Mark Crocker, University of Kentucky; Mark A. Dearth, Ford Motor Company; Robert W. McCabe, Ford Motor Company; Michael P. Harold, University of Houston
2:30 PM
Kinetic Modeling of NOx Storage and Reduction Using Spatially Resolved MS Measurements
Soran Shwan, Competence Centre for Catalysis, Chalmers Tekniska Högskola; William P. Partridge Jr., Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Jae-Soon Choi, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Louise Olsson, Chalmers Tekniska Högskola
2:50 PM
LNT+in-situ SCR Catalyst System for Diesel Emission Control
Lifeng Xu, Ford Motor Company; Robert W. McCabe, Ford Motor Company
3:10 PM
3:40 PM
Overview of Current Emission Control Strategies for Gasoline Engines
John Gerard Nunan, Umicore Autocat USA Inc.
4:20 PM
Direct Evidence of a Very Strong Metal-Support Interaction in the Pd-LaFeO3 Catalyst-Support System from Atomic Resolution Electron Microscopy
Michael B. Katz, University of Michigan; Hong Liu, University of Michigan; Baihai Li Sr., University of Michigan; Yingwen Duan, University of Michigan; Carolina Adamo, Cornell University; Darrell G. Schlom, Cornell University; George W. Graham, University of Michigan; Xiaoqing Pan, University of Michigan
4:40 PM
Rh sintering suppression on ZrO2 based oxide support containing a Nd enriched surface layer and an Al2O3 diffusion barrier
Toshitaka Tanabe, Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc.; Akira Morikawa, Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc; Miho Hatanaka, Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc; Naoki Takahashi, Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc; Hirofumi Shinjoh, Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc; Akemi Sato, Toyota Motor Corporation; Oji Kuno, Toyota Motor Corporation; Hiromasa Suzuki, Toyota Motor Corporation
5:00 PM
Modeling and Simulation of Catalyzed HC Traps
Manish Sharma, Ford Motor Company; Michael Shane, Ford Motor Company; Jason A. Lupescu, Ford Motor Company; Paul M. Laing, Ford Motor Company