Louise Olsson

Chalmers Tekniska Högskola
Chemical Engineering
Kemivägen 4
Göteborg Sweden Papers:
OB10 Kinetic Modeling of NOx Storage and Reduction Using Spatially Resolved MS Measurements
OC37 Spatiotemporal Analysis of SCR Reactions in Zeolite SCR Catalysts
OC39 Impact of Accelerated Hydrothermal Treatment on Acidity, Oxidation Function and NH3-SCR performance of Cu-HBEA SCR Catalyst
OC51 NH3-SCR over Fe-Beta catalysts: Influence of Fe loading and H2-treatment
P-Mo-125 Methane production over three way catalysts in E85 fuelled vehicles
P-We-122 Mechanistic aspects on H2 assisted NH3-SCR over Ag/Al2O3

Gender: Female