Christopher T. Williams

University of South Carolina
Department of Chemical Engineering
Swearingen Engineering Center
301 S. Main St.
Columbia, SC
USA 29208
OE44 Effect of Mg/Al atom ratio on catalytic performance of Pt/MgO-Al2O3 catalyst in acetonitrile hydrogenation
OE49 Preparation, characterization, and evaluation of silica-supported, Group IB-Pd bimetallic catalysts prepared by electroless deposition methods
P-Mo-90 Effects of Ni Promotion and Chelating Reagent on the Preparation, Structure and Performance of Molybdenum-based HDS Catalysts
P-Tu-135 In-situ investigation of prochiral C=C bond hydrogenation in methylcinnamic acid
P-We-105 Synthesis of Dendrimer-Derived Supported Ir-Au Bimetallic Catalysts
P-We-134 Effect of pH control in liquid phase glycerol oxidation reactions

Gender: Male