James J. Spivey

Louisiana State University
Chemical Engineering
South Stadium Drive
Baton Rouge, LA
USA 70803
OA22 Effect of Catalyst Configuration on the Partial Oxidation of Hydrocarbons: Graded Bed Approach
OE53 Carbon dioxide reforming of methane on Rh and Ni pyrochlore catalysts
OF65 In-situ time-resolved XRD and XANES studies of copper-rare earth oxide pyrochlore catalysts
OF72 Pulse Electrodeposited Co-Cu-ZnO Nanowire/tube Catalysts
P-Tu-31 Effect of H2 pre-adsorption on Co-Re based catalyst for conversion of syngas to oxygenates: In situ FTIR studies
P-We-25 Characterization of Mn and Li Promoted Titania-supported Rh Catalysts for CO Hydrogenation