OE75 Tunability of Syngas Ratio in Carbon Dioxide-Expanded Liquids and Beneficial Implications for Homogeneous Catalytic Hydroformylation

Friday, June 10, 2011: 10:40 AM
Ambassador Ballroom 2 (Detroit Marriott Hotel at the Renaissance Center )
Zhuanzhuan Xie, Chemical and Petroleum Engineering, University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS and Bala Subramaniam, Center for Environmentally Beneficial Catalysis, University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS
For fixed syngas composition and partial pressure, the H2/CO ratio in CO2-expanded liquids (CXLs) is increased significantly with increasing CO2 pressure. For Rh/TPP catalyzed 1-octene hydroformylation in CXLs, the higher H2/CO ratios result in enhanced TOFs and exceptional regio-selectivity. These findings have broad fundamental and practical implications for developing greener hydroformylations.

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