P-Mo-32 Marked Effect of Re Addition upon Aqueous Phase Reforming of Ethanol and Ethylene Glycol over TiO2 Supported Ir and Rh Catalysts

Monday, June 6, 2011
Ontario Exhibit Hall (Detroit Marriott Hotel at the Renaissance Center )
Shuichi Naito, Toshiaki Nozawa, Tetsu Itou, Yousuke Suzuki and Akihiro Yoshida, Department of Material and Life Chemistry, Kanagawa University, Yokohama, Japan
Addition of Re to Ir/TiO2 and Rh/TiO2 drastically enhanced activity and selectivity of aqueous ethanol and ethylene glycol reforming  by preventing Ir and Rh sintering.  In 10 vol% ethanol solution, selectivity for AcOH increased to 70% in carbon base due to excellent hydration ability of dispersed Re oxide overlayers.

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