Emission Control: NH3 SCR I

Thursday, June 6, 2013: 10:20 AM-12:00 PM
Combs Chandler (Galt House Hotel)
Magnus Skoglundh, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden and William Epling, University of Houston, USA.
10:20 AM
NH3-SCR Activity Characterization of Fully Formulated Chabazite Catalysts: Cu-SSZ-13 versus Cu-SAPO-34
Giovanni Cavataio1, Lei Ma2, Yisun Cheng1, Robert W. McCabe1 and Junhua Li2, (1)Ford Motor Company, USA, (2)Tsinghua University, China.
10:40 AM
Spectroscopy Studies on Cu-SSZ-13 NH3 SCR Catalysts: Mechanistic Implications
JŠnos Szanyi, Ja Hun Kwak, Charles H. F. Peden and Haiyang Zhu, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA.
11:00 AM
A Novel Ge Modified CeO2-WO3 Catalyst for LT NH3-SCR of NOx
Huazhen Chang1, Xiaoyin Chen2, Johannes W. Schwank2, Jiming Hao1 and Junhua Li1, (1)Tsinghua University, China, (2)University of Michigan, USA.
11:20 AM
Zeolite Catalysts for the NH3-SCR of NOx From Diesel Exhausts: Investigation of Cold Start Phenomena
Isabella Nova, Massimo Colombo, Maria Pia Ruggeri and Enrico Tronconi, Politecnico di Milano, Italy.
11:40 AM
Structure-Activity Relationships in NH3-SCR Over Cu/SSZ-13 As Probed by Reaction Kinetics and EPR Studies
Feng Gao1, Eric D. Walter1, Eric M. Karp2, Jinyong Luo1, Russell G. Tonkyn1, Ja Hun Kwak1, JŠnos Szanyi1 and Charles H. F. Peden1, (1)Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA, (2)University of Washington, USA.