O-Th-Com-13 New Insights Into the Unique Operation of Small Pore Cu-Zeolite SCR Catalyst: Overlapping NH3 Desorption and Oxidation Characteristics for Minimizing Undesired Products

Thursday, June 6, 2013: 2:30 PM
Combs Chandler (Galt House Hotel)
Krishna Kamasamudram1, Neal W. Currier1, Aleksey Yezerets1, Thomas Watkins2 and Lawrence F. Allard2, (1)Cummins Inc., USA, (2)Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA.
These studies provide new and unique insights in to the effective utilization of small-pore Cu-zeolite catalyst features for increasing NOx conversion. The impact of hydrothermal treatment on catalyst performance features especially with respect to overlapping ammonia desorption and oxidation function will be explained.

Extended Abstracts: