O-W-Com-7 Can Promoters in Co/Al2O3 Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis Catalysts be Substituted by Ag? An EXAFS, Reaction Testing, and Catalyst Regeneration Study

Wednesday, June 5, 2013: 11:40 AM
Combs Chandler (Galt House Hotel)
Gary Jacobs1, Thani Jermwongratanachai1,2, Wenping Ma1, Wilson D. Shafer1, Muthu Kumaran Gnanamani1, Pei Gao3, Boonyarach Kitiyanan2, Burtron H. Davis1, Donald C. Cronauer4, A. Jeremy Kropf4 and Christopher L. Marshall4, (1)University of Kentucky, USA, (2)Chulalongkorn University, Thailand, (3)Eastern Kentucky University, USA, (4)Argonne National Laboratory, USA.
There is interest in replacing Pt with a less expensive promoter for cobalt FTS catalysts.  Ag was examined by EXAFS, reaction testing, and OR cycles mimicking regeneration.  Ag improves selectivity.  Some Ag coordinates with Co, but increasing Ag-Ag bonding occurs with loading.  Ag promotes reduction even after two OR cycles.

Extended Abstracts: