O-W-Fre-6 Effect of Pressure in the Autothermal Catalytic Partial Oxidation of CH4 and C3H8: Spatially Resolved Temperature and Composition Profiles

Wednesday, June 5, 2013: 11:20 AM
French (Galt House Hotel)
Alessandro Donazzi1, Dario Livio1, Claudia Diehm2, Alessandra Beretta1, Gianpiero Groppi1 and Pio Forzatti1, (1)Politecnico di Milano, Italy, (2)Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany.
We analyze the autothermal CPO of C3H8 and CH4 conducted in an adiabatic reformer from 1 to 4 bar. Spatially resolved temperature and composition profiles are presented and analyzed with a numerical model of the reactor.