O-M-Jon-2 Designing Alloy Catalysts for Ethanol Oxidation in Fuel Cells

Monday, June 3, 2013: 10:00 AM
Jones (Galt House Hotel)
N. Aaron Deskins1, Julien Courtois1, Wenxin Du2, Anatoly I. Frenkel3, Dong Su4 and Xiaowei Teng2, (1)Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA, (2)University of New Hampshire, USA, (3)Yeshiva University, USA, (4)Brookhaven National Laboratory, USA.
Alloy catalysts consisting of Ir, Pd, and other metals were synthesized and characterized for ethanol electro-oxidation activity. A variety of experimental techniques, including HRTEM, EELS, XRD, and XAS, were used to identify the structure of active nanoparticles. DFT simulations confirmed experimental results, and were further used to screen potential alloys.

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