P-W-BRC-62 New Insights to Ethanol Steam Reforming Reaction Pathway

Wednesday, June 5, 2013
Ballroom C (Galt House Hotel)
Catherine K.S. Choong1,2, Ziyi Zhong1, Lin Huang1, Armando Borgna1, Liang Hong2, Luwei Chen1 and Jianyi Lin1, (1)Institute of Chemical and Engineering Sciences, Singapore, (2)National University of Singapore, Singapore.
In situ DRIFTS study of ethanol adsorption/desorption was performed on Pt (Rh, Pd)/Ca-Al2O3. Contrary to the acetate-driven reaction mechanism observed on Ca-free metal/Al2O3 catalysts, formate species are exclusively observed on Pt (Rh, Pd)/Ca-Al2O3, offering a new mechanism denoted as formate-driven.  The role of support will be discussed

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