O-M-Com-7 Effect of Regeneration Protocols on Sulfur Species over Nickel-based Biomass Syngas Conditioning Catalysts

Monday, June 3, 2013: 11:40 AM
Combs Chandler (Galt House Hotel)
Matthew M. Yung1, Singfoong Cheah1 and John N. Kuhn2, (1)National Renewable Energy Laboratory, USA, (2)University of South Florida, USA.
Deactivation by sulfur poisoning of tar reforming catalysts is a challenge for biomass gas-to-liquids processes.  In order to improve the understanding of deactivation and regeneration mechanisms, sulfur K-edge XANES was used in conjunction with reaction studies to examine sulfur transformations between sulfides and sulfates during regeneration schemes on Ni/Mg/K/Al2O3.

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