P-Tu-BRC-89 Effect of Speciated HCs on the Performance of Modern Commercial Three-Way Catalysts (TWC)

Tuesday, June 4, 2013
Ballroom C (Galt House Hotel)
Sung Bong Kang1, Sung Bang Nam1, In-Sik Nam1, Byong K. Cho1, Chang H. Kim2 and Se H. Oh2, (1)Pohang University of Science and Technology, South Korea, (2)General Motors Research and Development Center, USA.
The effect of speciated HCs on CO oxidation and NO reduction has been investigated over commercial Pd and Rh TWCs.  In addition, the effect of the O2 concentration on the TWC performance of Pd and Rh catalysts has been examined over a wide O2 concentration range from 1 to 21%.

Extended Abstracts: