P-Tu-BRC-88 Combined Effect of EDTA and Heteroatoms (Ti, Zr and Al) on Catalytic Activity of SBA-15 Supported NiMo Catalyst for Hydrotreating of HGO

Tuesday, June 4, 2013
Ballroom C (Galt House Hotel)
Sandeep Badoga1, Ajay K. Dalai1 and John Adjaye2, (1)University of Saskatchewan, Canada, (2)Syncrude Research Centre, Canada.
 The NiMo/M-SBA-15 (M=Ti,Al,Zr) catalysts in presence of EDTA were synthesized and screened for hydrotreating of HGO, in fixed-bed reactor at industrial conditions. The impact of interaction between support-EDTA-active metals on catalytic activity was studied in detail by using different characterization techniques. NiMo/Ti-SBA-15(EDTA) catalyst shows a potential of superior hydrotreating catalyst.

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