P-M-BRC-72 Effect of the Nd Addition to Pt/Al2O3 and Rh/Al2O3 Catalysts for Hydrogen Production by Steam Reforming of Methanol

Monday, June 3, 2013
Ballroom C (Galt House Hotel)
Miroslava Barrera1, Gloria Alicia Del Angel1, Ignacio Cuauhtémoc2 and Gilberto Torres2, (1)Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, Mexico, (2)Universidad Juarez Autonoma de Tabasco, Mexico.
The H2PtCl6 and RhCl3 were impregnated in three types of materials: i) γ-Al2O3, ii) γ-Al2O3-ND1, iii) γ-Al2O3-Nd10 in order to reveal the effect of the support on the Rh and Pt nanoparticles and catalytic activity in the production of hydrogen.

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