P-Tu-Wil-4 Selective Hydrogenation of Nitriles to Primary Amines on Metal-supported Catalysts

Tuesday, June 4, 2013
Willis (Galt House Hotel)
Carlos R. Apesteguía, Darío Segobia and Andrés Trasarti, Instituto de Investigaciones en Catálisis y Petroquímica, Universidad Nacional Del Litoral, Argentina.
The selective liquid-phase hydrogenation of butyronitrile to n-butylamine was studied on Pt, Pd, Ru, Cu, Co and Ni metals supported on silica. Co/SiO2 yields 97% n-butylamine from butyronitrile at 343 K and PH2 = 25 bar, similarly to the highest n-butylamine yields reported on Raney Co catalysts

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