Jeffrey T. Miller

Argonne National Laboratory
Chemical Science and Engineering Division
9700 S. Cass Ave.
Bldg. 205
Argonne, IL
USA 60516
OA06 Determination of Effect of Support for the Water-Gas Shift Reaction over Supported Au and Pt Nanoparticles
OA12 Determination of Active Sites of the Water-Gas Shift Reaction over Supported Au and Pt Nanoparticles
OA40 Kinetic and Mechanistic Analysis of Aqueous Phase Glycerol Reforming over Supported Pt Catalysts
OA45 XANES study of the adsorbed species on Pt and PtMo catalysts during liquid phase conversion of glycerol
OA60 Monodisperse ironoxide nanoparticles on planar silica as models for iron based Fischer-Tropsch catalysts
OB43 On the Nature of the Deactivation of Supported Palladium Nanoparticle Catalysts in the Decarboxylation of Fatty Acids
OF16 Genesis and Evolution of Surface Species during Pt Atomic Layer Deposition on Oxide Supports Characterized by in Situ XAFS Analysis
OF36 XANES and EXAFS of Ni-Co Bimetallic Catalyst for CO2 Reforming of CH4
OF49 Design of an Operando Transmission Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) Reactor and Its Application to Steady State Isotopic Transient Kinetic Analysis of the Water Gas Shift (WGS) Reaction over Supported Au Nanoparticles
P-Mo-23 Partial Alkane Oxidation Using Supported Pt(II) and Pt(IV) Halides
P-Tu-102 Regulating the Hydrodechlorination Activity of Pd-on-Au Nanoparticles Through Au Particle Size